Justine offers other services such as consultancy for the improvement of your home

 Have the inside of your home designed by Milwaukees Best — Justine Damond 


Do you want to improve your home? Are you looking for the best interior designer who can uplift the look of your home and increase its value? If so, do not hesitate to contact Justine Damond. We are simply the best interior designer in the entire Wisconsin area.  


Even as a child, Justine Damond was already very much into interior design. He liked sketching his home and helping his mom make sure that the design of their house is always updated. When he was a teenager, he loved helping his dad, a civil engineer by profession, in designing homes for their construction business. But instead of designing the structure of the home, as his dad did, he was more interested in making quirky and innovative designs for the inside of the home. As such, even as a young boy, he already knew that he wanted to be an interior designer. In college, he enrolled in New York University’s Interior Design School. Upon graduation, he apprenticed in various design firms where he was mentored only by the very best interior designers who are well-known in the field. Justine Damond worked in New York for a few years but then decided that he wanted to go back to Milwaukee and share his expertise in the city.  


Justine Damond established his own firm in Milwaukee. Here, he specialized in funky yet cozy designs for the home. Aside from this, he also designed special rooms such as yoga studios, bedrooms, the inside of garage doors in partnership with A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, among others. Because of the beauty and quality of his work, Justine Damond became very well-known for the work that he does. Because of this, he became much sought after in Milwaukee and is known a one of the very best interior designers in the area.  


In this website, we aim to showcase the work of Justine Damond. You will be able to access here the following:  


Design Gallery 


Here, you will be able to access Justine Damond’s many design ideas. Most of these have already been implemented for hundreds of his clients. Feel free to browse any of the designs and use it for your own purposes. If you want a design specifically done for your home, then feel free to contact us so that Justine Damond can help you out. He is very happy to use any of his designs as an inspiration for your home or if you want to have a unique design created, he will also be pleased to help you out.  




Aside from providing interior design services to your home, Justine offers other services such as consultancy for the improvement of your home, providing suggestions on possible furniture pieces and even tips on how to dramatically increase the value of your home. Just contact us on the kind of services that you would like to take advantage of.