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Great advances in science over the last 20 years or so have seen us finally begin to unravel some of the extraordinary mysteries of the human brain and body. Through leading fields such as quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics, we are discovering the exquisite intricacies of not only how the brain functions, but also how it interacts with the heart and the body, and most fascinatingly, how it contributes to creating the personal reality we experience as our “life”.

The good news is that while it might be neuroscience, it ain’t rocket science!

Simply put, when you know how something works, you are given the gift of influence.

When you learn how the brain works, you discover the power and potential of your own mind.

When you harness the power of your mind, you can influence your body, your relationships, your career, your life and even your community and the world around you.


“Join me for adventures in

human potential!”


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BILLION neurons in your brain


THOUSAND thoughts per day


% are old, repetitive thoughts


PRESENT moment: Now.





Personal Development

Use the new science of change to access your unlimited potential for personal transformation, bridging science and spirituality to understand your Self at the deepest level.

Whether you are unwell and searching for answers or healing; feeling stuck in your life, job or relationship and looking for support & guidance as to the path forward; or whether you are experiencing the process of awakening to something greater within and around you, I am excited to meet you and can’t wait to support you on your adventure!


  • Meditation: teaching how & guiding – 1-on-1 & group
  • Healing  – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Counselling – personal, relationship, grief
  • Coaching & Mentoring – personal/life and professional/career
  • Yoga – private and group guidance
  • Facilitation & support of awakening processes


  • Training and techniques:
  • Scientific background with a Degree in Veterinary Science
  • Over 17 years experience in yoga and meditation
  • Yoga Instructor – trained in Mysore, India
  • Meditation teacher – background in Vipassana meditation, embracing neuroscientific understanding of the benefits of meditation.
  • Trained with neuroscientist, quantum physics & meditation specialist Dr Joe Dispenza (USA)
  • Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Sound & frequency healing


Each session is designed to meet you where you are at, and support you in the most appropriate way forward.
There are usually 2 main parts to a session:

  1. Talk time – where we find out where you are at and what will most support you that day (and moving forward).  This requires your conscious participation in your change process and may include learning of theory, counselling/discussion, Energy Psychology (Tapping/EFT), guided meditations or more.
  2. Table time – this is where you get to relax, sit or lay back and receive some of the beautiful advanced healing work that accesses your body and your system beyond your mind. Here we work at the level of energy, light, sound, information and the quantum field.

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Inspire your meet-up group, workplace or gather your friends for an inspirational and transformational exploration of the bridge between science & spirituality, and demystify the Law of Attraction. I can spend anything from 15 – 90 minutes with you in person or via online video-conferencing to anywhere in the world.

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Healing and transformation can often be more powerful when in a community of like-minded &like- hearted people who are also experiencing challenge and searching for answers to bigger questions. Join us in one of my upcoming workshops or contact me if you have a group ready to explore possibility.

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The practice of meditation is arguably the single most powerful tool and skill that an individual can develop when they want to create real, sustainable change for themselves. But the traditional idea of it can sometimes be a little too esoteric, or sound too spiritual for those who may not be interested in that sort of thing. Or perhaps they have tried a few times and no matter what technique they use they “just can’t stop their mind!” But the truth is that we all have a brain, and we are all subject to a mind that produces an extraordinary amount of thought every day – and this thought is usually the cause of the majority of human suffering. You have the option of being at the mercy of a mind that is out of control, or the choice to become the master of it. And it isn’t as hard as you may think.

  • LEARN WHY: When you learn exactly how the function of your brain changes through the practice of meditation, you realise it is the key to your own inner understanding and the path to happiness, and you are motivated to learn how.
  • LEARN HOW: There are many techniques and ways to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life as a practice. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. Contact me and we can find what is best for you.


The practice of yoga asana (postures) is absolutely one of the most beautiful, healing and transformative things you can add to your life – but it isn’t all about the postures. Unfortunately, because of our over-focus on the physical aspects in our physically over-focussed western culture, many may never come to know the true beauty and peace that a whole and embodied yoga practice can offer. A practice that embraces not only the physical movements, but invites the breath to create a form of moving meditation and a connection to your body and your cells at every level of your being…bliss! Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for some time but are being drawn to experience it at a deeper level contact me and let’s see how I can support you.


Many of the people I work with are going through an awakening of one sort or another and it is my understanding that this is just an individual expression of a greater process of conscious awakening that is happening to humanity across the planet. My passion and purpose is to support this process at all levels to make it as smooth and joyful as possible (because I know how uncomfortable, scary and/or painful it can be without support). It may be that they are waking up to a new understanding of themselves or perhaps beginning to ask the bigger questions such as Who am I? Why am I here? What is reality?

It may be a new level of conscious awareness as they realise they have lived most of their life on automatic pilot and have found themselves running ‘round and ‘round a hamster wheel, or living Ground Hog day over and over again. They may not know how to get off, but they usually know one thing for sure – what they DON’T want. Or perhaps they have begun to notice synchronicities, signs or coincidences that are all far too specific to be flukes or chance encounters.

Whatever you are looking for, contact me and let’s see how I can support you.

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Business Solutions

Applying the science of the brain to the brains in business to make Mindful Leadership and Conscious Business the new paradigm.

Presentations & Keynotes

Wake up your workplace with an inspiring and fascinating introduction to the world of neuroscience and its’ leading edge applications in the business world from leadership and innovation to change management and culture creation.

30 – 90 minute presentations are available to suit your needs.

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Group Training Workshops

The most precious asset an organisation has is its’ people.
The most valuable resource an organisation can foster is a positive, engaged and conscious state of mind in every employee.

We wake up the workplace by introducing organizations and their people to some of the most exciting concepts that science has recently discovered and sharing simple, practical and powerful tools and techniques to:

  • empower people with a real understanding of how their brain works and how habits are formed.
  • show why most workplace trainings are only taken on board for a short while before employees return to old habits.
    inspire truly sustainable change.
  • expand people’s understanding of the nature of their personal reality, the power of their own mind and the unlimited potential they have for growth, transformation, creativity and success.
  • support people to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, discover their purpose and unleash their potential.

Transform your team with a Meditation Masterclass or dive deeper with the extraordinary work of internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza and discover how to “Change Your Mind, Create New Results.”

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1-1 Coaching

Reach new levels of personal productivity, engagement and success by understanding your brain, mastering your mind and embracing the power and potential to create your future. Perfect for entrepreneurs, leaders and executives who are interested in everything from mastering stress, to taking their skills to a new level of mindful & conscious leadership.

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Contact Me Testimonials


When you realise how perfect everything is, you will throw your head back and laugh at the sky.




“What hooked me was the combining of cutting edge science and spirituality, and Justine’s amazingly engaging style with profound and far-reaching information. She knows it, she lives it and she communicates it with skill and sensitivity. And she’s funny too, a wickedly winning combination.
Despite all the courses I’ve done, the groups attended, the techniques tried and soon abandoned, the books read, this was a new way of synthesising things for me. Each week I have found myself amazed at the dots connecting…”
Sita Simmons, Writer & Journalist


“Early in 2015, I met Justine when we shared a stage together. I was so impressed with her presentation on neuroscience that I asked her if she would be willing to do a half day workshop with my global team. Justine carefully and clearly explained the brain and how it works and undertook guided meditations. She challenged and dared people to think differently to discover the power and potential within their brains and hearts. After she left, the discussions continued for the rest of the day. Our goal of opening people’s minds and creating discussion points was more than met. I would highly recommend Justine for any organisation wanting to explore the frontiers and the links between the power of the brain and creativity and productivity of an organisation.”
Susan Biggs, CEO ADARA Group

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“Justine has an energy and care that allowed me to feel safe from the moment I walked in.  Using a variety of coaching and energy techniques, she always seemed to know what to apply or what to ask to unlock the blocks and sticking points that had been challenging me for decades.  Working with Justine changed my life in ways I never thought possible, allowing me to access & let go of old beliefs and patterns that have left me the happiest, freest, & strongest I’ve ever been- a truly transformational experience!”
Jo Grabyn, Wellness Consultant


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

Anais Nin



NEXT WORKSHOP USA:    **POSTPONED** Due to a wonderful and exciting writing project that requires my full attention, the Evolve Your Self workshops have been postponed until further notice.  Please keep your eye on this website, or email me to go on the newsletter for any new updates or developments. I’m sorry for any disappointments but I will be out of the Rabbit Hole soon!

Evolve Your Self – Bridging Science & Spirituality for Your Evolution

A transformational 2 1/2 day workshop.  (click here for TESTIMONIALS!)

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, Linden Hills, South Minneapolis.

Investment $349






Join us for powerful & transformative group meditations.

7pm Tuesday nights for the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

2017: March 6, 20  …. April 3, 17 ….. May  1, 15 …. June 5

At Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave South Minneapolis.

Donations are received with gratitude! – suggested donation $10 per person.




Adventure is not outside of man, it is within.

George Bernard Shaw


Thought Leaders & Inspiring Organizations

Be curious and dive deep into the work of the thought leaders of our times, and learn about the incredible organizations around the globe that are committed to waking up the world.

Videos & Movies

Take full advantage of the extraordinary access to information that we have at our fingertips, and watch and learn with an open mind and an adventurous heart.

Research & Articles

 Science is the contemporary language of Mysticism” -Dr Joe Dispneza. Use these incredible discoveries from science to ground your process of transformation or to challenge your own beliefs and perceptions in search of greater possibilities and potentials.

Down The Rabbit Hole Where “S*%t Gets Weird”!

“Curioser and curioser!” cried Alice! Open your heart and mind to the wonder of it all as you decide to explore things that will make your brain and heart explode and have you thirsty for more.



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