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Justine Damond is all about showcasing the latest and the best in interior designs for your home. Please feel free to browse our website to view our projects and see for yourself the kind of designs that we have done for our various clients. If you want to experience the services that we offer, please feel free to contact us anytime.  


Justine Damond is a proud son of Milwaukee. Even as a young boy, his goal was really to become a successful interior designer someday. He has studied in the prestigious New York University for Interior Design and has flourished under the mentorship of only the very best America interior designers. However, even if he already had a great career in New York after graduation, he went back to Milwaukee in order to provide his beautiful craft and design services to his own people. This is the reason why he established his business in Milwaukee, it was out of a desire to give back to the people.  


In fact, the reason why Justine Damond is very popular in Milwaukee is that he not only provides great services, he can also work for you according to your budget. Unlike other interior designers and firms out there, Justin Damond’s services are very cost-effective. He will never ask you to pay atrocious fees. At the same time, in all design elements that he uses, he makes sure that your inputs are well considered and that your home feels like your very own creation or according to your own vision.  


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