In this page, we feature the testimonials of people and clients who are very much satisfied with our services. Please feel free to check them out to understand the kind of services that we offer. If you are one of our satisfied clients, you may also want to submit your very own testimonial. Just contact us to submit yours.  


Bruce, 45 


I have worked with Justine Damond for a major re-design of our home. I’ve inherited my parents’ old home and I just wanted to update it for my family. Now it looks really great, it looks modern yet maintains the character of my old home and special design references to how my mom kept it. I absolutely recommend Justine Damond for being very helpful. 


Miriam, 30 


I love Justin Damond. I wanted a re-design of my old home but my budget for doing that was fixed. I just told them what I wanted done, gave them my budget and boom, they did the re-design. And the great thing about it is that they honoured my vision for how I wanted each of the rooms too look like. And it was definitely amazing. You should check out how my house looks now in the gallery section of this website.  


Julia, 35 


I wanted a no-fuss household. I have four children of different ages who are very naughty and each has his or her own personality. I wanted a pretty home that my children can feel comfortable in and yet cozy and welcoming. And guess what, Justine Damond really delivers. Now, I feel that I have the most beautiful home and my children love it as well. All you have to do is really be open and transparent with Justine Damond and they will go out of their way to help you.